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ARC Portal for Patients

The Australian Rare Cancer (ARC) Portal is an online referral service that aims to improve outcomes and access to research for Australians diagnosed with a rare cancer. 

Working together with your existing cancer specialist, the ARC Portal offers expert clinical advice, particularly for Australians who live outside the major cancer treatment centres in metropolitan areas.


Who can be referred to the ARC Portal?

Patients with any type of rare or super rare cancer can be referred to the Portal by their cancer specialist. The specialist could be a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist or cancer surgeon. General Practitioners cannot refer patients to the Portal.

To be referred, patients should be an Australian resident with a valid Medicare number. Patients can be referred at diagnosis or at any time during treatment.

What help is available through the ARC Portal?

Advice available to your cancer specialist through the ARC Portal includes:

  • Expert opinion on diagnosis
  • Management guidelines or best available evidence
  • Genetic testing options and interpretation of test reports
  • Access to research opportunities and clinical trials
How can I tell my Cancer Specialist about the ARC Portal?

If you would like to discuss the Rare Cancer Portal with your cancer specialist, show them this website or print this information sheet:

Download information sheet for Clinicians