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Referral Process

ARC Portal Referral Process

The ARC Portal is an online referral service for clinicians to access a network of rare cancer expert support, guidelines and research for their patients diagnosed with a rare cancer.

Follow these steps to make a new referral to the ARC Portal:

Create a Referrer account with the ARC Portal

  • You will be sent an email link to verify your account

Create an account

Register your patient with the ARC Portal

  • To do so, log in to your Referrer account and click REGISTER PATIENT
  • As part of the registration process, your patient must CONSENT to participating in the ARC Portal by signing a Participant Information and Consent Form for using our online consent process.

Register a patient

Create a New Patient referral

  • A new referral may now be created for any patient registered to the ARC Portal – log in to the Portal and click CREATE REFERRAL
  • New referrals require:
    • Completion of the one-page online form including details of the referral request (eg Request for expert opinion on treatment options)
    • Upload of relevant clinical letters, histology, genomic, and imaging report  


Your referral will be triaged and reviewed by an ARC Portal Clinician. According to the referral request, we will endeavour to:

  • Facilitate clinical advice from our network of national and international tumour stream experts 
  • Identify research opportunities or clinical trial options for your patient
  • Advise on molecular or germline testing or assist in the interpretation of existing molecular reports

The ARC Portal is an online referral system designed to provide timely and accurate access to initial clinical support, guidelines and research for patients diagnosed with a rare cancer.

From the time of referral, we estimate an initial report will be issued back to the referring clinician within 2 weeks. Additional opinions requiring review by external specialists may take longer.

Please contact us at enquiries@arcportal.org.au for more information