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ARC Portal Impact Surveys

The ARC Portal was established in 2020 with the goal of improving care for rare cancer patients’ by providing a unique online services to cancer specialists caring for patients with are cancer. 

We have strived to become a single access point for clinicians on clinical guidance, molecular test availability and interpretation and guidance from leaders in the rare cancer field.

As part of goal to provide ongoing support to oncologists wanting support from the ARC Portal team, the ARC Portal is sending out surveys to all past referrers asking for some information about how useful you found the reports and the impact it has had on your patient. Analysis of our results so far indicated that our ARC Portal reports have impacted patient care in 42% of referrals, either by influencing subsequent choice of treatment, access to subsequent diagnostic or molecular testing, or facilitating enrolment into a clinical trial or research program.

These short surveys are automatically sent to referrers immediately after the report is provided and again at 6 and 18 months post report. In particular, the team is interested in capturing information about whether or not the report was able to be implemented in terms of accessing drugs, accessing molecular analysis or other diagnostic tests, or involvement in research projects.

In addition to providing us with information about the utility of the Portal, it is also a chance to provide us with any feedback that could be used to improve our service.

For those of you who haven’t already done so, we’d welcome any information you can provide to us via these surveys.

Request to participate in the survey by filling out the form below:

08 May 2023
Category: News