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February is Gallbadder and Bile Duct Cancer Awareness Month!

Cholangiocarcinoma is rare and difficult to treat with only 1 in 5 people diagnosed surviving beyond five years. However, there have been many recent treatment advances with both immune checkpoint and molecularly targeted therapies.

In 2022, the addition of durvalumab to chemotherapy was demonstrated to improve survival in untreated patients with advanced biliary tract cancers in the TOPAZ-1 trial. Australian investigators are currently investigating whether combination immunotherapy may result in improved longterm outcomes in the currently recruiting MoST-CIRCUIT study.

Identification of genomic targets has also proven beneficial, with promising activity demonstrated with selected treatments in biliary tract cancers bearing FGFR2, IDH1, BRAF and HER2 alterations. Many of these therapies are available through active clinical trials or drug access programs. To find out more contact us via the ARC Portal at enquiries@arcportal.org.au

You can also find about more about Cholangiocarcinoma via the AGITG website and read more about MoST-CIRCUIT via the cancer trials registry website.

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Learn more about Cholangiocinoma this February via the ATGT website and the cancer trials registry.


23 January 2023
Category: News