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New PBS item number for whole body MRI to detect cancer in individuals with Li Fraumeni Syndrome supported by MSAC

The Medical Services Advisory Committee has recently supported an application from the Australian Genomic Cancer Medicine Centre Ltd (Omico) requesting a new Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) item for whole body magnetic resonance imaging to detect cancer in individuals with Li Fraumeni Syndrome (LFS).

LFS is an ultra-rare condition (between 1/5000-1/20,000 of the population) caused by germline pathogenic variants of the TP53 gene. These germline variants result in a 50% estimated risk of cancer by age 30 and a severe reduction in life expectancy to < 40 years. As most of the cancers detected in individuals with LFS including breast cancer, sarcoma, brain cancer and adrenocortical carcinoma are curable if detected early, annual whole body MRI has the potential to identify these tumours at an early stage.

MSAC has supported this application given the safety of MRI and the high risk of developing tumours in this population. The ARC Portal wishes to congratulate Professor David Thomas and colleagues on championing this important change for these Rare Cancer Patients.

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Learn more about the application and hear more from Professor David Thomas from the links below.

Read the applicationProfessor David Thomas

18 November 2022
Category: News