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Odile’s Good Fight Against Rare Cancers

Rare Cancer survivor Odile Faludi from Sydney is on a mission to fight the good fight and raise funds for rare cancers.

Diagnosed with a squamous cell cancer in December 2021, Odile has endured months of chemotherapy and radiation sessions and is now determined to not only raise awareness about the difficulties that rare cancer patients face, but she’s also determined to make a difference to rare cancer research by raising funds to support rare cancer work at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research .

To date Odile has raised $56,000 (over half of her $100,000 target).

Odile’s enthusiasm for life and ongoing optimism is an inspiration to all and the ARC Portal wishes here all the best in her ongoing fund-raising activity.

Support Odile and read more about her story

You can hear more about Odile’s story and support her cause via her my cause page.

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07 November 2022
Category: News