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Today is World Cancer Research Day!

The 24th September marks World Cancer Research Day. The ARC Portal is proud to support this initiative to raise public awareness of the significance of cancer research and thank the remarkable contributions of cancer researchers worldwide.

While rare cancers are often diagnosed at later stages when it is harder to treat, treatments for rare cancers have not advanced as more common cancers due to a lack of understanding and research. 

The ARC Portal is proud to be a part of the Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program at the Walter and Eliza Hall Research Institute. This program collects clinical information from patients with rare cancers, which is then de-identified and stored in a secure database. Clinical samples are also collected with the patient’s consent, which become accessible to cancer researchers. Research studies based on these rare cancer samples allow us to better understand how the cancer grow and develop new strategies for patients suffering from rare cancers.

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24 September 2022
Category: News