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June is Cancer Immunotherapy Month

The ARC portal is celebrating Cancer Immunotherapy Month to raise awareness of the field of cancer immunotherapy amongst patients, clinicians and researchers.
Here are some facts about cancer immunotherapy:
  • Immunotherapy harnesses a patient’s own immune system to fight against cancer cells
  • There are several types of immunotherapy, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors, T-cell transfer therapy, monoclonal antibodies, and cancer vaccines
  • In Australia immunotherapy is commonly used to treat many cancers, including those arising in the skin, kidney, bladder, lung, head and neck, liver and lymph nodes
  • Immunotherapy is typically recommended for patients with advanced cancer. As clinical research is rapidly evolving, immunotherapy is increasingly available in clinical trials or as first-line therapy option for early stage cancers and rare cancers

Useful Resources

To find out more about immunotherapy visit these useful resources:

Cancer CouncilRareCancers.ORG

03 June 2022
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