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ARC Portal – First 100 patient review

The Australian Rare Cancer (ARC) Portal recently presented data at the Clinical Oncology Society of Australia’s Annual Scientific meeting. This was a retrospective review of 100 consecutive reports sent to referring Australian Clinicians assessing the provision of; cotemporary quality clinical guidelines, national and international expert opinion, genomic tests and interpretation and treatment recommendations.

This highlighted the impact of the Portal in the discussion of genomics with 40% of patients referred to the MoST programme and 11% provided interpretation of an existing MoST report. Thirty percent of patients were recommended to pursue a different genomic assay while interpretation was offered for 11 other genomic assays.

Overall nearly one fifth of reports lead to identification of a novel treatment, either a genomic guided therapy or drug access program recommendation including 13 cases which identified treatment available through drug access programs or negotiation with pharma such as Trastuzumab for resected high grade serous endometrial cancer and Olaparib for uterine leiomyosarcoma.

30 November 2021
Category: News