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NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia

The Australian Rare Cancer Portal is pleased to announce our new collaborative partnership with NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia.

NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia is Australia’s only not-for profit charity that focuses on neuroendocrine tumours (NETs). NETs are a group of less common tumours that develop predominately in the gut or respiratory tract. Unfortunately these tumours are often disguised by common conditions including IBS and asthma and are difficult to diagnose.

As a patient-focused group, NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia works with the physicians, patients and their carers to support patients, lobby for new treatments, and raise awareness about these tumours. This patient and carer support includes support groups, social media groups and peer support via telephone. NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia also supports research through the national NET clinical registry (PLANET) and its associated research app for patients which aims to collect and share information about NET patients between physicians.

The ARC Portal is delighted to support NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia by working with the group’s NET specialists to facilitate patient care and encourages clinicians to highlight the amazing support services that area available to NET patients through the NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia website.

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To learn more about ARC Portal's partnership with NeuroEndocrine Cancer Australia, please visit their website via the link below.

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13 October 2021
Category: News