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AGITG 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting

The Australian Rare Cancer Portal is pleased to support the AGITG’s 23rd Annual Scientific Meeting being held virtually this year on October 12th-15th.

This year’s meeting is filled with opportunities to share new knowledge and discuss the shared challenges and successes in the GI cancer world including celebrating the achievements of members being presented with awards and grants.

The virtual conference features an innovative platform to enable attendees to engage with other delegates, including a number of international guests, to discuss new trial developments and research concepts. The platform will also allow you to virtually visit the group’s collaborators including the ARC Portal team and Rare Cancer’s Australia.

We look forward to seeing you there!

AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting 2021

AGITG's 23rd Annual scientific meeting will be held virtually this year on October 12th-15th. Learn more about the event by following the link below.

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29 September 2021
Category: News