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ESMO Presidential Symposium highlights Rare Tumour Research – FIRSTMAPPP trial

This years’ ESMO Presidential Symposium 3 highlighted the results of the FIRSTMAPPP trial – the world’s first RCT for the very rare tumour malignant pheochromocytoma and paraganglioma (MPP) which has an incidence of <1 per million population.

This critical trial recruited 78 patients over 8 years across multiple centres in France, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy to explore the value of sunitinib for MPP with results likely to impact future patient management. 

Key research such as this emphasises the value of rare cancer trials, which while difficult, are not impossible, and highlights the power of collaborations in the face of difficult recruitment and limited funding to provide patients with evidence-based therapies.

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29 September 2021
Category: News