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Rare Cancer Spotlight- Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer

Low Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer is a rare tumour that affects many young, Australian Women.

In May this year, a new treatment called a RAF/MEK and FAK inhibitor combination was given an expedited review status by the American FDA, as therapy for patients with recurrent low-grade serous ovarian cancer. This paves the way for expedited development of this exciting, new treatment. The Phase 1/2 FRAME trial demonstrated an overall response rate of 70% for patients with a KRAS mutation identified in their tumour, present in 40 to 60% of patients with low grade serous ovarian cancer.

The Australian Rare Cancer Portal, in collaboration with the WEHI-Stafford Fox Rare Cancer Program, the MoST Program and the Australia Genomic Cancer Centre (now known as Omico) is helping Australian Oncologists and their patients access molecular testing for this mutation. This may assist patients in Australia access clinical trials or treatment when standard therapy has failed.

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Does a patient of yours need access to molecular testing? Refer a patient to get assistance with accessing clinical trials or treatment when standard therapy has failed.

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15 August 2021
Category: Rare Cancer Spotlight