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Rare Cancer Spotlight - Eye (Uveal) Melanomas

Eye (uveal) melanomas are rare and behave differently to common skin melanomas. Until this year there were no established drug treatments for people with metastatic uveal melanoma.

In February 2021 a novel drug, tebentafusp, became the first approved drug treatment for patients with advanced uveal melanoma. The approval was granted following a successful Phase 3 trial that showed tebentafusp was better able extend life in adults with newly diagnosed uveal melanoma than existing therapies.

Tebentafusp is now available in Australia

Tebentafusp is now available in Australia through a compassionate access program. To find out more contact us via the ARC Portal at enquiries@arcportal.org.au or give us a call at +61 (3) 9342 2690

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28 June 2021
Category: Rare Cancer Spotlight