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PBS listing of Yondelis (trabectedin) for liposoarcoma and leimyosarcoma patients

Australians with leiomyosarcoma or liposarcoma will now be able to access the novel anti-tumour agent Yondelis (trabectedin) at a cost of approximately $30 per script following its PBS listing in August 2023.

This will be of great financial benefit to patients who had previously had to around $44,000 per treatment.

Yondelis has demonstrated a 45% reduction in risk of disease progression or death compared to dacarbazine and has been available been available overseas since 2007. Accessing this drug at a reasonable price will be invaluable for the approximately 1600 Australians diagnosed with these cancers each year who may benefit from this treatment option.

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You can read the official press release here.

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07 November 2023
Category: News