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Socioeconomic and geographical barriers in rare cancer in Australia

An Australian study has highlighted the differences in incidence rates of rare cancers across socioeconomic categories and geographic location.

Using data from 2007-2016, the group found that rare cancers made up 22% of diagnosed cancers and caused 27% of cancer-related deaths in Australia during that time. The survival rate after 5 years was around 53%. Men and people living in remote or disadvantaged areas had higher occurrence but lower survival rates. The study also found there were differences in occurrence and survival in different parts of Australia with diagnosed patients from rural and remote areas having a lower survival rates.

Overall this study has re-iterated findings presented by the ARC Portal in recent conference presentations that there is a clear need to pay more attention to rare cancers in rural and disadvantaged area where it's harder to diagnose and treat these cancers. Thankfully the ARC Portal is able to provide support to clinicians across Australia without the need for patients to travel to help support people with rare cancers and their clinicians.

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You can read more about the study here.

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29 August 2023
Category: News